1. Where is the Departure Tax paid?
Departure Tax is paid on the second level of the North terminal at the Departure Lounge.

2. How much is the Departure Tax?
The Departure Tax fee is $100.00 TT or $17.00 USD

3. From what age do children pay the Departure Tax?
Children five (5) years of age and up are required to pay departure tax of $100.00 TT or $17.00 USD.

4. Where can I change money at Piarco International airport?
Money can be changed at the First Citizens’ Bureau de Change, which is located near the Customs Exit or at the Millennium Finance – Cambio, which is located in the Duty Free area, on the left side of the staircase.

5. I would like information about hotels and sites to visit, where can I go?
Tourist information is available at the Tourism Development Company’s Information Office located outside the customs exit.

6. Where can I purchase a phone card?
Phone cards are available at the Piarco Airport news stand or at the Piarco Airport Florist, or at the following stores that sell mobile telephones Digicel, B Mobile and De Phone Booth.

7. Where can I get a taxi?
At the Customs Exit a Taxi Dispatcher will assist you in getting an authorised taxi.

8. Where can I get information about arriving passengers?
Kindly liaise with the airline officials to acquire passenger information.
For information about flight arrivals and departures view the monitors or check with the information staff at the Airport Information Booth temporarily located in the West Wing lower level.

9. Is there any place that luggage can be stored at the airport?
There is the Left Luggage counter, which is located next to the First
Citizens Bureau de Change, near the Customs Exit.
The fee is $8.00TT per piece per hour and $15.00 per piece per day.

10. Where are the trolleys and porters located?
At Piarco we have a porter system; these porters are located at the Customs Exit. As well as the departure drop off point.





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