3-1-1 Tips

Thank you for visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

Please see the 3-1-1 information guidelines to help you get through the security checkpoints smoothly and quickly:

3-1-1 program means:

NOTE: Declare all larger liquids such as medications, baby formula and food, breast milk allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding 3 ounces . These items are not required to be ina  zip lock however, it must be declared upon reaching the security check point
Do not wrap gifts. If a security officer needs to inspect a package they may have to unwrap your gift. Please wrap gifts after arriving at your destination.

Food Items
Food items such as jams, jellies, pepper sauce, kutchela, seasoning, salsas, sauces, syrups and dips will not be allowed through the checkpoint even if they unless they are in three ounces or less; We suggest you ship these items prior to your trip or put them in your checked baggage.
Items purchased after the checkpoint can be carried onto planes because these items have been previously screened.

Check in Time
 Kindly consult with your relevant carriers for suggested arrival times. Check with your carrier for suggested arrival times. You must have a boarding pass and valid passport to enter the security checkpoint. Give yourself adequate time to check your baggage and move through security.

Dress Smart

‘Be considerate and save jokes for after the checkpoint. Our security officers are working to keep bombs off of airplanes. Please follow their directions. Belligerent behavior, inappropriate jokes and threats will not be tolerated, and will result in delays and possibly missed flights’. -

Customer Service

Piarco International Airport has a 24 hour information booth located in the airport's Atrium. Our specially trained and friendly staff are eager to serve you.







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