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Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago offers a diverse range of exciting career opportunities at both Piarco and A.N.R. Robinson including:

Administration & Logistics

Administration & Logistics provides a variety of corporate support services to all staff of the Airports Authority which include telephone operation, reception, internal registry to reprographics and procurement.

Airport Operations

Airport Operations is primarily responsible for ensuring the safe, efficient and continuous use of airport runways, taxiways and terminal buildings and that all activities are carried out in accordance with internationally established standards.

Some activities include security and airport management and emergency preparedness co-ordination.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications plans and coordinates organisational events and activities, manages the dissemination of internal and external information, coordinates community and media relations. In addition it fosters good relationship building with the company’s various publics and builds public awareness of the Authority.

Custodial Maintenance

Custodial Maintenance ensures a clean and healthy working environment for all AATT employees, tenants, passengers and airport users.


Engineering provides technical expertise to facilitate the design and construction of a variety of modifications to airport buildings, roads, runways, taxiways, drainage facilities and services.

Estates Planning & Business Development

Estates Planning & Business Development ensures the continuous development of the Airports Authority estate into an economically viable commercial business centre.

Persons in this division research, source, identify and implement projects to make maximum commercial use of all available land, buildings or space on the estate.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for providing daily electrical, mechanical and structural maintenance services to all airport buildings, facilities, and utilities including the interior and exterior of all airport structures.


Finance manages and champions the execution of Payroll, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables and General Ledger activities.

This department is responsible for formulating and executing: annual budget activities, airline contract negotiation, cash and debt management, investment activities, commercial banking, operation of the accounting system and the issuance of financial reports.

Information Service

Information service is responsible for flight information, telephone operation customer services and statistical analysis.

Our Information Assistants are bilingual and are responsible for making airport announcements, provide flight and facility information to all airport users and conduct terminal tours. They also channel complaints to the relevant authorities.

While our Customer Services Representatives (CSRs) play an active role in facilitating a high quality passenger experience by addressing any queries or concerns, informing the general public of airport operational policies, assisting the elderly and physically challenged and by conducting surveys for customer feedback.

Information Technology

Information Technology provides technical expertise throughout the Airports Authority in the planning, selection, implementation and maintenance of computer systems, network infrastructure, computerized databases and software.

There are many exciting opportunities as it is constantly involved in projects which ensure that the systems and software that support the information needs of the Airports Authority are in line with the requirements of a world class service provider.

Human Resource

Human Resource is responsible for attracting, retaining, motivating and developing our most valuable asset, our people. Some of the core areas are recruitment, training and development, employee relations and employee services.


Legal advises the Airports Authority of their legal rights and obligations and ensures compliance with all statutory and other legal regulations pertaining to the Aviation Industry and the law of Trinidad and Tobago.


Security is responsible for coordinating and implementing security mechanisms according to international standards and regulations.

Some of the activities of the Security department include passengers and staff screening, carrying out ID and vehicle checks, vehicular traffic control and law enforcement.


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