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Office of the President Has Not yet Issued Photos Of the President

In response to a photograph featured on the front page of the Daily Express on Thursday 18th April 2013, captioned ‘President’s Picture Missing’ (at the Piarco International Airport), the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago wishes to clarify and advise that, in spite of numerous attempts to obtain an official photograph of President Anthony Carmona, these images are not currently available.

We wish to advise that Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago did take a proactive approach to sourcing the official photographs. The first request was made through the offices of the Government Information Services Limited (GISL) to Mr. Bryan Dhoray, Information Resources Project Coordinator, by the Authority’s Communications Unit on March 15th 2013 before the inauguration of the new President.  The Communications Unit again followed up with GISL on the March 21st, April 8th, April 10th, April 17th and on April 18th 2013. The Officers at GISL reassured us that as soon as the official photos were issued, they would inform us. On April 8th 2013, Mr. Andy Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the Government Information Services Limited reiterated to the Authority’s Communications Manager that the official photos had not yet been issued by the Office of the President. 

The Authority has also been in constant contact with the relevant authorities to ensure that proper protocols with respect to the public display of photographs of government officials are observed. In respect of this, we have adhered carefully to all instructions issued.  According to the Office of the President, government entities must only display the official photographs of the President and none other. No government institution has received the official photograph of the newly inaugurated President Anthony Carmona and so the absence of the President’s photograph is not unique to the Piarco International Airport.

April 18th , 2013


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