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Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago reiterates commitment to safety and security at its airports

The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) would like to assure both local and foreign passengers that existing security protocols at both its international airports satisfy local, regional and international aviation security standards. Consequently the AATT is not aware of any pending downgrade of either of our airports by any International agency. The dedicated team of security professionals that constitutes our security department, contributed significantly to recent successful audits notwithstanding daily operational issues.

The AATT recognizes the constraints faced by our Security Department that contribute to the inadequate deployment of security officers and is working assiduously to eliminate these challenges. During the month of March 2012 some 3488 man hours were lost due to irregular attendance and absenteeism. Additionally an analysis of expenditure at the Authority shows that the cost of overtime payments to security officers is more than 13 million TTD per anum.

The AATT is therefore in agreement with the Estate Police Association (EPA) that urgent attention must be given to increasing manpower in order to reduce overtime costs and achieve a more cost effective and efficient security operation. To this end, the AATT is in ongoing consultation with other internationally certified regional partner airport authorities and stakeholders with a view toward mutual review of security protocols and procedures to ensure the highest security standards at our airports.

Through the targeted allocation of resources and timely response to all operational dictates, the AATT remains committed to the safety, comfort and security of all the users of the facilities at both our airports.

24th April, 2012


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