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                                    JetBlue Is En Route to POS

JetBlue Airways will be commencing services on two routes (POS – JFK and POS – FLL) from February 27th 2014. This announcement comes on the heels of the introduction of West Jet Airlines to the POS – YYZ route in November 2012.

These accomplishments for the Authority are as a result of efforts that have been made over the past three years to have these airlines commence service to this destination. It took slow, steady and consistent information exchanges, to entice and convince them of the business potential of the service.

Airports Authority of Trinidad earns revenue to sustain its operations from two sources, Aeronautical and Non – Aeronautical revenue. Aeronautical revenue is the earnings received from the movement of aircraft are as follows:

Non – Aeronautical revenue is generated from all other forms of business conducted at the airport estate, inclusive of:

It must be noted that non – aeronautical revenue will see immense growth if the number of airlines that operate from our facilities increases. As such, the Authority is actively implementing strategies in Air Service Development to ensure that revenues can be sustained and increased. Air Service Development is the systematic effort by airports and stakeholders in communities to have airlines increase their airlift to their facilities. These efforts include adding new routes or adding additional services to an existing route. This is an endeavour that takes an extensive amount of research and planning.

Air Service Development entails work with diverse stakeholders. This cooperation is demonstrated in joint participation in route development trade shows such as the World Route Development Forum. This is an annual conference at which airports and tourism organizations meet with airlines to discuss potential new routes. Representatives of the Authority participate in this event along with in representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Tourism, the Tourism Development Company and the Tobago House of Assembly. This year the event will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada during the first week in October.

It  was at one of these events, three years ago, where contact was first made with the representatives of JetBlue Airways and WestJet Airlines. The airlines were shown presentations which highlighted the strategic advantages of using the facility at Piarco International Airport to introduce flights in our market. These selling points include a viable market with many potential customers, a country that is economically strong, low operating costs, 24 hour services inclusive of Customs and Excise, Immigration and security.

After the initial meetings there was a regular flow of communication with airlines in which they were sent information on passenger preferences, market trends and developments in the country such as the “North Aviation Business Park.” Several site visits with the airlines’ executives, teleconferences and meetings took place during the three year period.

It is a major investment decision for an airline to open a new route or even add an additional flight on a route. An airport must have the facility and the capability to provide the relevant services and environment conducive for good business. However, after much hard work we have pulled it off.

The Marketing Department wishes to congratulate all members of staff who would have contributed in some way and would like to encourage them to continue striving to be the best they can be. It is your excellent performance in the delivery of your specific duties that has shown these two major players in the aviation industry that Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is a great business partner.

The national benefits that can be derived from these services are immense. Aviation affects the gross domestic product of a country and can positively influence economic growth for our nation. Through its day to day work, the Authority contributes to the economic development of Trinidad and Tobago.

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