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Airport City To Be Opened in Trinidad and Tobago

Companies seeking to expand their operations in Latin America and the Caribbean will soon be able to access prime real estate in one of the most dynamic economies in that region,  Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago has one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean.  Its economic resilience explains why this country has been attracting investment from countries across the world involved in various sectors including oil and gas, financial services, retail and manufacturing.

Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is the organization responsible for managing international airports in Trinidad and Tobago.  The Authority is poised to announce the launch of a mixed use business park along the model of an airport city.  This development, the North Aviation Business Park occupies 520 acres of prime real estate just metres away from the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad.

The North Aviation Business Park has zones earmarked for:

Information on leasing opportunities can be found on the Corporate website for the Authority, http://www.tntairports.com/aatt/nabpark.html

The North Aviation Business Park is an excellent location for companies seeking to access South America and the Caribbean.  As a major producer of natural gas, Trinidad and Tobago energy costs and quite relatively low and give manufacturer located there a competitive edge.  Trinidad and Tobago also has a highly trained labour force.  This can in part be attributed to the policy of successive governments over the last years to offer citizens free tertiary education.

Companies based at the Park will be in an excellent location to reach potential clients from other Caribbean countries as well as Venezuela.  Historically, a significant number of persons from the Southern Caribbean shop in Trinidad and Tobago for gifts, parts and for wholesale purchases of foodstuff and hardware items.  The air cargo links between Trinidad and Tobago and the southern Caribbean support this activity. 

It is anticipated that a world- wide call for Requests for Proposals for leasing of space at the North Aviation Business Park will be announced in the second Quarter of 2013.  Companies that are interested in leasing space at the North Aviation Business Park should contact Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s Marketing Department at marketing@tntairports.com



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