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Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Hosts Paralympic Athletes Reception

On September 11th 2012, Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (the Authority) in conjunction with the Ministry of Sport and the Paralympic Committee hosted a Reception for returning paralympians Ronald Carlos Greene and Shanntol Ince who represented Trinidad and Tobago at the London, 2012 Paralympic Games.

President of the Paralympic Committee, Kenneth McKell in his address stated that, “Although we may not have achieved medals our athletes have achieved personal best records, and ultimately, it boils down to doing one’s best.”

 General Manager (Ag.) of the Authority, Dayanand Birju acknowledged that it was the privilege of the Board and management of the Authority to host both the send off and return ceremonies in honour of the accomplished athletes.

Both Greene (shot put and discus thrower) and Ince (Paraswimmer) described their experiences at the Paralympic Games as “amazing.” Ince was particularly inspired by what she witnessed. “Seeing other athletes overcome their disabilities really warmed my heart; it inspired me to work even harder.”¬† Ronald Greene shared the same sentiments and hoped that the Paralympic Games in 2016 would see greater participation from Trinidad and Tobago, as only two athletes competed this year, where other countries had as many as one hundred participants.

Dave Bobb, the Director of Sport, who accompanied the team to the London Games, said that his eyes were opened. “You saw people with no legs and arms breaking records; blind people were running 100 metre races in 10.2 seconds! Were you there, some of you would have been brought to tears,” he emphatically stated. “The spirit and drive of we who are able-bodied are nothing compared to what I have seen at the Games.”

Carryl Kellar, the Advisor to the Minister of Sport, spoke on behalf of the Hon. Anil Roberts, who sent his warmest regards and congratulations to the athletes on behalf of the nation. Kellar continued to laud the efforts of the physically challenged, and made a comparison to those who had all their faculties yet chose to live a life of crime and violence. Awards were then presented to both Shanntol Ince and Ronald Greene by the Ministry of Sport.

The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago takes pride in recognizing its social responsibility to support every aspect of this country’s culture, history and human endeavour.¬† Information on upcoming events or any data pertaining to the Authority can be found on the AATT website: www.tntairports.com.

12 September, 2012



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