Liming and Dining

Our cosmopolitan society means that our cities and boroughs are filled with rich history and sights to see.

Port of Spain
Port of Spain, on Trinidad’s northwest coast, is the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. It’s known for its huge Carnival, with calypso and Caribbean soca music. Bordering the expansive Queen’s Park Savannah, the Royal Botanic Gardens displays plants from all over the world. The gardens also encompass Emperor Valley Zoo. The “Magnificent Seven,” near Queen's Park, is a row of extravagant mansions from around 1900.

Arapita Avenue
Find your way to Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook – aka “De Avenue” – on the outskirts of Port of Spain. This strip boasts every conceivable type of nightlife and eating establishment to satisfy any discerning socialite. Here, you’ll find locals and foreigners alike, barhopping up and down this trendy thoroughfare. As an added bonus at any time of day or night, leading wireless provider Bmobile has introduced their Bzone, free 4G wireless internet available almost anywhere on the Avenue. Upload a picture your main course or a video of an unforgettable moment with friends to your favourite social network at lightning speeds

Situated in North-central Trinidad it has been, for more than a century, the most easterly settlement in the interior of Trinidad. Nestled at the foothills of the Northern Range it has always served as a hub of commercial activity and transportation for the neighbouring areas, and for decades was the only gateway to the eastern seaboard.
Arima still remains a town of great historical significance and is a main hub for persons residing along the north east area. Many activities such as the Arima Borough Day celebrations and the Feast of Santa Rosa are popular festivities in the area that attracts people from all over Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the world. Still Arima and its surrounding areas houses some of the popular natural landscapes such as the Asa Wright Centre which is 12 km north of the town of Arima and which is one of the last natural tourist resorts in the country. Although the town of Arima continues to expand, it is hoped that the natural environment laying on the periphery would remain untouched and unspoiled.

San Fernando
San Fernando was built around a hill known as Naparima to the Amerindians, overlooking a sheltered bay in the Gulf of Paria. The landmark Naparima hill has been quarried to a level outcrop which is now a hiking park. An elevated rocky plateau remains, from which there are fabulous views of the surrounding area. The town has spread in all directions. The Pointe-à-Pierre refinery is just north of San Fernando. Out in the countryside you can taste some of the best Indian cuisine on the island, and enjoy beaches with glass-like water in the west and good surfing in the east. There are mud volcanoes, the Pitch Lake, and eco-reserves.

From the west to the east, Trinidad is full of areas to hang out or as the locals say “lime”. Some popular eateries in Trinidad include the following:

Hakka Restaurant and Bar- Asian Fusion
4 Taylor Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Phone: (868) 334-2552

BUZO Osteria Italiana- Italian
6 Warner St, Port of Spain
Phone: (868) 223-2896

Town Restaurant- Chinese & International
Cipriani Blvd, Port of Spain
Phone: (868) 627-8696

El Pecos- Local /Creole/International
84 Ariapita Ave, Woodbrook
Phone:(868) 622-9713

Tarouba Rd, San Fernando
Phone:>(868) 658-5728

Chaud Café and Wine Bar
One Woodbrook Pace, Damian St, Port of Spain
Phone:(868) 628-9845

Richard's Bake and Shark Restaurant
Maracas Bay Village
Phone: (868) 681-9880

Adams Bagels
15 Saddle Road, Maraval, Port of Spain
Phone: (868) 622-2435

Patraj Roti Shop
Tragarete Road , Port of Spain
Phone: (868) 719-6060

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