Airports are catalysts of economic growth and investment. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) the benefits of investing in an airport infrastructure like that proposed at Tobago include:

  1. (a) employment generation;
  2. (b) facilitation of tourism;
  3. (c) improvement to the efficiency of the supply chain;
  4. (d) boosts to productivity of Tobago based-companies;
  5. (e) facilitation of investment in Tobago;
  6. (f) facilitation of international trade in Tobago.

  7. Employment generation and facilitation of tourism

    Tobago tourism stakeholders have pointed to the importance of a major upgrade to airport facilities at Tobago and have suggested that an upgrade to the ANR Robinson International Airport may be an important prerequisite for attracting future hotel investments. In similar fashion, tour operators and airlines have told the Authority that an increase in room stock in Tobago is a key requisite for them to consider air service to Tobago. This suggests that the development of a new terminal and associated upgrade work at the ANR Robinson International Airport can contribute to:

  8. (a) an increase in air service to Tobago;
  9. (b) increased attractiveness to hotel investors;
  10. (c) increased capacity of flights to and from Tobago;
  11. (d) increased visitor arrivals;
  12. (e) increased tax revenue from VAT and other taxes; and
  13. (f) increased employment in the tourism sector.

Investment in upgrading the airport infrastructure will contribute to:

  1. • direct;
  2. • indirect;
  3. • induced;
  4. • catalytic employment in Tobago.

Direct jobs are jobs that will be created from companies located at the upgraded Tobago aerodrome such as ground handling companies, airline staff and staff at other companies based there. Indirect jobs are jobs created through purchases of goods and services from companies in the supply chain for the ANR Robinson International Airport, for example fuel suppliers, construction companies and professional services. Induced jobs are jobs that will be created through spending employees of companies at the airport. Catalytic jobs are jobs generated by the wider role of the ANR Robinson International airport in improving the productivity of business and in attracting economic activities, such as inward investment and inbound tourism.

TT$ 5,397.1 million According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), ‘Travel and Tourism Economic Impact 2017: Trinidad and Tobago’ in 2016, Tourism contributed to GDP or 2.9% of total GDP. The 69,000 in Trinidad and Tobago (10.6% of total employment) in 2016. Of this 28,500 jobs were directly linked to travel and tourism.

Increases to business efficiency, trade and investment facilitation

IATA’s research demonstrates that investment in aviation can create a significant economic rate of return. These returns are in addition to the direct returns earned by investors and users. Investments in aviation infrastructure have often led to increases in connectivity which, in turn has been linked to increases in productivity and business efficienc